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Terms of Service

1. Although each cartoon design is created from scratch and is 100% original, cannot guarantee that a very similar cartoon does not already exist. therefore offers no guarantee regarding the availability of trade names or trademarks. If a similar cartoon exists, will work with the client to make the necessary alterations to the cartoon, free of charge. However, by ordering a cartoon design from, the customer indemnifies, it's owners and affiliated companies/affiliated individuals/cartoon designers from legal responsibility regarding all copyright, trade name and trademark issues. The customer agrees to take sole legal responsibility should the cartoon design be infringent upon existing intellectual property rights, copyrighted material, trade names or trademarks of any kind.

2. The turnaround times indicated on the web site cannot be guaranteed. We normally deliver all drafts (custom cartoons) within 2 business days. We normally deliver pre-designed cartoons within 1 business day. In fact, since we started in 1997, we have only in very few cases failed to deliver within these time frames. We love happy clients and are 100% committed to delivering within the indicated turnaround times whenever humanly possible.

3. When a refund is requested, the customer looses copyright to the purchased cartoon(s) and may not use the cartoons for any purpose whatsoever. In such cases, the sole copyright of the cartoon designs in question will remain with may, at its option, either reuse or destroy that cartoon.

4. The money-back guarantee is valid up to the completion of the design process or for 90 days, whichever comes first. "Design process" indicates the timeframe from the moment of the order to the point where the client accepts a design as the final cartoon.

5. In the custom cartoon design process, many cartoons are created that are not accepted by the client. will retain ownership of all such concept cartoons, except for the final (accepted) version of the cartoon which will become the property of the client. The copyright to that entire image in all its forms is automatically transferred to the client upon completion of the design process. will not have the right to resell or reuse the cartoon in any way. The only right we retain is the right to display all concept cartoons and the final cartoon design as part of our portfolio of past work, either on the Internet or any promotional material.

6. Although we disable the link to the order page of pre-designed cartoons as soon as they are purchased, it can happen that two clients order the same cartoon. In such cases, the first order to reach is accepted. If your order is the second of the two, you may either request an immediate and full refund, or you may select any other available pre-designed cartoon from the site - even if it costs more than the one you paid for.

7. If we develop a cartoon for you and, at any stage of the process, you stop responding, your project status will remain "active" for 12 months. After 12 months the project status becomes "completed". Should you wish to resume the design work after 12 months, a new order must be submitted. Note that the 12-month deadline only applies in cases where the client stops responding. As long as we hear from you at least every 12 months, you project status will remain "active" until the project is completed.

8. Although we understand that you might want to keep your new cartoon or cartoon logo under wraps until after your product launch, we reserve the right to display our work in our portfolio - either on our web site or any other web site or promotional material, whether or not the work is complete. If you'd like to keep your design under wraps, please let us know. While cannot guarantee that we will accommodate your request, it is likely that we will.

9. may change specifications of cartoon design packages, prices and the Terms of Service above at its discretion and without prior notice.



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