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How It Works

Let's say you want a Viking... playing lacrosse.

To start off, we create a couple of sketches. The idea here is to (1) develop the character and (2) get the pose just right. We don't do just one sketch. We'll create several (depending on which package you order).

The sketches are submitted to you in batches of about 3 to 7 sketches. You then get a chance to comment before we scurry away and do the next batch. We keep this up until we arrive at a pencil sketch that you are 101% happy with.

Once we have the sketch nailed, we redraw it on the computer using vector graphics software.

The computer image or digitized image is "cleaned-up". Once this is done, it ends up in your inbox again. We need a "thumbs-up" from you before proceeding to the coloring phase. If you're not happy with how this stage looks, we redraw it until you are.

Before we move on to Step 3, we'll discuss colors... just the basic fill colors that you have in mind.

We really love this part. This is where the cartoon "comes to life".

You don't have to pick just one set of colors. You can say "I want to see that Viking in brown, in blue and in silver please" and we'll color it all 3 ways.

We also don't mind suggesting colors.

We only move to Step 4 when you "ok" a set of colors.

Shading, highlighting, adding text (if required) and fine-tuning.

In the example to the left we made the mouth bigger, made the Viking lean forward more etc. The client wanted more detail on the lacrosse stick, short sleeves and high-contrast shading to make the Viking look stronger.

See the final cartoon below in Step 5...

Once you sign off on the logo, we have another "clean-up" session (where we double-check things like alignment) and we then create all the various files that you will need for printing, for your web site etc.

The final cartoon files are delivered via email. You will receive the original master image in vector format, a huge JPG version, a PNG version with a transparent background, GIF versions for use on your site etc. etc. Whatever you want to use it for, whatever format you need it in... it's all included in the design fee.

The copyright to the cartoon is yours.

You can use it for anything, you can modify it, create derivative works from it, sell it, whatever you want.

The only right we retain is the right to display it as part of our portfolio of past work.

Absolutely no compromise on quality

We guarantee that you can print your cartoon the size of Texas without any loss in picture quality.

We work in vector format. Vector images are not resolution-dependant, which means that you can resize it and you don't get those flakey edges that you get when you resize a raster image (like a JPG or GIF).

The vector file can be delivered to you in Adobe Illustrator format (AI), in CorelDraw format (CDR) or in EPS format - whichever you or your printers prefer. If you later need it in another format, we'll send you what you need. No extra charge.

And just to be safe, we will keep a back-up copy of your logo in our archive - in case you ever loose or accidentally delete your cartoon.

Have a question?

If you have any questions about our process or what you'll get for your money, please let us know.

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Cartoon logos are the most individual and most memorable of all logo types. By very far.

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